LG Sonic is an innovative Dutch company that develops cutting-edge technologies to monitor and control algal blooms sustainably and on a large scale. With their technology they restore aquatic ecosystems without chemicals or other harmful pollutants. For over 10 years, they’ve invested in research and development and have become leaders in algae management. Their patented ultrasound integrated into their technologies can be remotely controlled by a team of experts. In the last years, they have grown to a global company with projects in 55 countries worldwide and serving 12 different industries. They work primarily with drinking water utilities, governments and (nuclear) power plants, to remediate large lakes and reservoirs without the use of chemicals.



LG Sonic Heliumstraat 7 2718 SL Zoetermeer The Netherlands Lisa Brand Chief Technology Officer T +31 70 770 9030 E eu@lgsonic.com www.lgsonic.com