Holland Water develops and supplies ingenious systems and related services to make water installations sustainable and safe. Over 1200 of their products have been sold and installed in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Africa. These water technologies are – for instance – applied in hospitals, care facilities, hotels, apartment buildings, luxury yachts and are warmly welcomed by various governments across the globe. The company’s mission is to keep water clean and sustainable; whilst not only reducing waste of energy and water, but also reducing their customer’s operational costs. The flagship system - the HW Bifipro® - is extremely effective in combating biofilm and legionella by means of copper and silver ionization. The ions kill the bacteria and break down the biofilm, resulting in clean and safe water both today and in the future. A very important positive side effect of the installation is the fact that the tap water also becomes effectively drinkable, because harmful substances such as chlorine are replaced by environmentally friendly copper and silver ions.



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