Worldwide, only 14% of all domestic wastewater is treated. The United Kingdom is no exception, meaning that hundreds of small municipalities discharge polluted sewage onto surface water. This is not only hazardous for both humans and the environment, it is also a missed opportunity for the reuse of treated wastewater for sustainable agricultural development. Through a robust and innovative treatment process and at low cost, Bluecon is able to process wastewater into reusable water which can be applied locally and immediately. This not only solves sanitation challenges, it also promotes water reuse, making it an excellent solution for growing a local sustainable circular economy. Bluecon International has been developing and marketing Water Stations converting domestic wastewater into reusable water since 2016. Their mission is to unlock the potential of wastewater for sustainable agricultural development. These Water Stations contain Bluecon's innovative technology, for a robust process at low cost and without the use of bacteria.

What Bluecon offers

Bluecon offers compact and modular wastewater purifying units to towns and cities of up to 10,000 residents. These units provide guaranteed high-quality water at low cost. This treated ('blueconized') water can be safely discharged onto surface water, reused for irrigation or even further processed for use as drinking water.

How it works

Bluecon's innovative purification systems uses a flotation technology they have name super flotation, which is very successful at removing particles. The next step consists of neutralising bacteria and viruses in a disinfection module. Via the polishing module, the water can undergo additional purification, depending on its intended reuse.


Bluecon supplies a robust, modular and future-proof purification system, which works under all conditions. The system treats wastewater at low costs and the water is guaranteed to be fit for reuse after. The treatment process is CO2 neutral, has a small footprint and sewage does not travel far, reducing initial investment costs significantly.



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