Acquaint offers a solution for the ageing water infrastructure in the United Kingdom. Water pipelines are failing more often because the end of the pipes’ life span is approaching. Accordingly, water utilities do not know when to replace (parts of) the pipelines. In order for the utilities to make the most cost-effective and safe replacement schemes, Acquaint developed two tools. A project-based solution (inline) and an external DIY solution (external). With the use of these tools, pipe owners are able to apply risk-based management: preventing pipeline failures instead of reacting to them. All kinds of pipe materials can be inspected with the tools, for example: asbestos cement, cast iron, steel and HDPE/PVC. Acquaint is able to measure wall thickness degradation, leaching location, corrosion, diameter, and deterioration due to H2S.

Since 2014, Acquaint’s mission is to prevent pipeline failures. In collaboration with other parties, they have developed a revolutionary approach to make water networks safer and more reliable. This is accomplished through a combination of innovative inspection methods and data science. With the help of the inspection technologies and prediction models, asset managers receive all the insights needed to predict pipeline failures and to set smarter management and maintenance priorities. Ultimately, Acquaint helps to systematically drive down capital costs and achieve operational excellence. Their services are primarily used by owners of water pipelines, such as water boards and utilities. Are you looking for a cost-effective way to determine the condition of your pipes with the aim of optimising replacement management? Feel free to contact Rudy Dijkstra, CEO of Acquaint, to discuss the possibilities.



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