The coronavirus pandemic and measures taken against the spreading of the virus are hitting the world hard. But this pandemic also creates a momentum and now is the time to speed things up.

Ever since the outbreak of Covid-19 there has been a huge call for a green recovery.

The SDGs will play an important role in doing so. The corona crisis shows how important it is to have a long-term vision. By co-creating transformative and inclusive solutions and jointly setting a long-term plan of action we can put water at the center of green recovery programmes.

With this portfolio we share our knowledge, expertise, technologies and services for a safe and reliable water infrastructure to protect people and the planet. The Dutch water sector provides a wide range of services and technologies for detection, disinfection and analysis of water sources and streams, as well as for services and or technologies to improve sanitation and hygiene.

Water and hygiene play an important role to improve public health. Safe drinking water, a reliable water infrastructure and proper sanitation and personal hygiene are important to protect people from getting infected with viruses and bacteria such as Covid-19.

Moreover, education and campaigns about sanitation and washing hands in particular is playing an important role to safeguard public health. Technology companies and knowledge institutes develop and improve technologies to detect, monitor and analyse bacteria’s and viruses present in different water sources. Analysing waste water indicates the presence of Covid-19 in specific regions. The analysis and monitoring outcomes provide useful information for policy makers. The Netherlands also offers technologies to remove and destruct viruses and bacteria from waste water before it enters the sewer system.

The Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), Water Alliance and Envaqua are the networking organisations that represent the Dutch water technology industry. NWP also has a network of organisations specialised in sanitation and health.

Are you looking for systems to provide safe and clean water, or are you looking for WASH related solutions? Please reach out to us and we gladly connect you with the Dutch water sector.

With this portfolio we share our knowledge, expertise, technologies and services.

Delivering on our promise: Building a robust green-blue pipeline – 13 August 2020

Ahead of World Water Week At Home the Dutch government, official partner of the week, calls for a new approach to recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic. 'We need to accelerate and expand a robust pipeline of investment opportunities across the 2030 Agenda.' This writes Henk Ovink, Dutch Special Envoy for International Water Affairs, in a blog post.