Detection and filtration technologies

Technology companies and knowledge institutes play an important role in the development and improvement of technologies that detect bacteria and viruses, such as COVID-19, in different water sources. The Netherlands offers technologies to remove viruses and bacteria from wastewater before it enters the sewer system.

Decentralized treatment of hospital waste water with MediOxi – April 2020

Nijhuis Industries announced the development of MediOxi, a new advanced oxidation technology for ‘at the source removal’ of medical residues from hospital wastewater. MediOxi has been developed in cooperation with Van Remmen UV technology.

Pharmafilter system eliminates coronavirus in hospital wastewater

KWR Water Research Institute: Sewage surveillance can be a sensitive tool

Providing safe water with BWN Tulip filters

Water facilities for COVID-19 field hospitals – April 2020

Temporary water facility supplier MTD is helping the local health authorities in Rio de Janeiro beat the COVID-19 virus. The company provides the water facilities at four COVID-19 emergency hospitals in and around the Brazilian city.

WashBusters, the Disaster Resilience Network